Cloudy with a Chance of Joy

Cloudy with a Chance of Joy

Feel Good with 'The Cloudspotter’s Guide’

Feel Good with ‘The Cloudspotter’s Guide’

Have you ever heard of Gavin Pretor-Pinney?  This British designer and author wrote the bestselling book ‘The Cloudspotter’s Guide’ and started the website;
Mama-Buddha learned an important lesson from him.
This optimistic man tells us all about the beauty of clouds. And how we treat clouds as ‘something that gets in the way of our sun’. He talks about ‘blue sky thinking’.
There is nothing wrong with just lie in the grass and look at clouds. Maybe you remember you did so when you were a kid, and you saw all the special shaped clouds. Looking at clouds, see the shapes and try to make something out of it, it is almost like meditation. Focus on being relaxed, lie down in nature, breathing fresh air and be still.

Please take some time to listen to Gavin, and then allow yourself to lie down and appreciate our beautiful nature.

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