Your emotions tell you a very different story

Emotions tell you a different story

Emotions tell you a different story

I have to apologize to you, I haven’t been writing for almost three weeks. I am sorry.
Maybe you remember I was on a holiday with Mr. Happy, and we were having a great time. Sunshine, good food, laughter and light. A few of my favorite things in life.
But when we got home, Mr. Happy’s mom was really sick. And a week later she passed away. Mr. Happy was with his mom’s when she closed her eyes in infinite peace.
Another life-event happening to us, and I know we all have to cope with this at given time, but we had already so many hard times the last few years.

And it is hard to lose your mom. No matter what age you have, no matter what age your mom has.
We were under the impression, because Mom was already an ‘old woman’ we were prepared for her death. We were not!
In your mind you can rationalize the facts, you know it can happen any time when a person is 91 and not in a good condition anymore. But your emotions tell you a very different story. It is Mom, it is about your youth, your memories, the things you learned from her, her laugh, her presence. You miss everything about her.
Last week we had her funeral, and it was a beautiful ceremony. With lots of flowers, candles representing all the grandchildren and great grandchildren, and lovely pictures of her. And of course a lot of crying. At the end, it all felt good, we can look back on a wonderful goodbye.

I read a beautiful quote that helps me a little: ‘Death ends a life…not a relationship

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