Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. (Hippocrates)


Colorful food

Colorful food

So…this is going to be tough. Talk about food. Talk about healthy food.

Mama Buddha knows a bit about food, and I think I know what is healthy and what not. But sometimes, my sunflowers, we think we eat healthy, but the industry is fooling us with additives, artificial fragrances, sweeteners, etc.
That is why we have to be more conscious of what we put in our bodies.
Mama wants to talk to you about oils, juices, smoothies, raw food, chocolate, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, cooking methods, recipes, fish, sugar and much more.

It is not all about health. I will also give you yummy recipes. With coconut milk, sugar, or even with butter.
So this is why, my sunflowers, Mama Buddha now will reveal her own personal diet to you, right here, right now.
The ‘E.H.-MamaBuddha-Diet’.
First I wanted to write a book about it, put it on video, and stretch it out.
Because of my only goal in life; ‘making you feel good’ I am going to tell you my secret.
Of course you have to eat healthy, and of course you have to exercise. And with exercise I mean, you have to move your butt. You don’t have to go to the gym 5 times a week by car and sweat for half an hour. Just go there on your bike, and then you can bike right back home, so no more excuses the gym is costing you too much money. Or walk to the mall. Or take a stroll through the park with your kids. Just move.
The most important part of my ‘E.H.-MamaBuddha-Diet’ is literally Eat Half!
Try it, you might think it is too simple… well my sunflowers, sometimes life is just that simple!

Make your healthy choice!

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