Mrs. Happy


Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. (Dalai Lama)


Is it possible to feel Happy every day?

Happy Happy!

Happy Happy!

As you all know by now, Mama-Buddha wants YOU to feel good. And Mama herself knows that sometimes it is quite difficult to feel good. Especially when you go through rough times, lose your job, you get sick or you are in pain the whole day. As I lead a pretty awesome life, with very little worries, you could say that everything I will tell you to do, is easy for me to say. Because I did not feel your pain, your depression or else.

Maybe you are right, maybe not. I can feel a lot, and I can imagine a lot. But my ego is not the point right now… is it my sunflowers?

The important thing is I found a strong woman that seems to be happy almost every day. And she agreed to write for us her story on how to stay happy. It is not a course, it is not a book, and it is not a 5-step way into happiness.

This lady, we will call her Mrs. Happy, will tell you stories from her own life, to inspire you to re-think your life, help you to remember your happy moments, or just make you smile.

Mrs. Happy had a real difficult time, she had a son with cancer, got a burn-out, lost her own (very successful) company, her husband had cancer, her father died of cancer, she had a depression, had to sell her house and this all occurred in a few years.
You can imagine, she was not a happy woman, thought the world was no happy place anymore, and went into a number of very dark years.
But then, it was on a day in January, she made a decision.
She wanted to be happy again. So she chose to be happy again.
Mama-Buddha is very proud to have Mrs. Happy on the website, and that she is sharing with us her happy-moments.

Mrs. Happy

Earth laughs in flowers (Ralph Waldo Emmerson)

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am like you.
And I want to be happy in life.
I choose to be happy in life!
That is not an easy task.
That is why I want to share with you my moments of happiness.
So maybe you feel related, relive your own happiness or just smile.

Mama-Buddha asked me to tell you something about myself.
As she already told you about the difficult things that happened in my life, I will not tell you my life story. It sucks anyway. But all that happened in my life led to this moment. This moment right now that I am writing these words. This moment right now that you are reading my words. And I find that fascinating.
I want to focus on happiness, light, smiles, positive vibes, love and understanding. I believe there are only a few really important things in life. I believe that everything and everyone is connected. Our actions WILL have consequences. I believe in love, understanding, in the good harts of people, in doing the right thing. And I believe in my family.
I will introduce my family to you, so you know whom I am talking about.
My name is Mrs. Happy. I am married to Mr. Happy.
We have two grown-up sons together. Happy Jr. is the oldest son, he is married to Happy Mom and they have one child, the lovely Happy Girl.
Happy Son is our youngest, heavily into sports and healthy foods.
Sometimes I will tell you ‘old’ stories, about when they were babies, sometimes I will just tell you happy moments I remember, I see around me, stories that make me happy, make me smile.
And I hope I can make you smile too.

Always with love,

Mrs. Happy


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