The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. (Mark Twain)


Good Reads

Good Reads

Sometimes Mama Buddha will eat books, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now I could bluff and tell you I always read inspirational, heavy literature, motivational, spiritual books…but sorry, that is just not true.
Sometimes I read articles in magazines, sometimes I just browse through them, sometimes I read a good detective, a piece of chick-lit, or a book filled with funny columns.
But Mama does read a lot, and on this page I want to share my interest in all the different books I have read and think worth mentioning to you.
I will also recommend some books I have not (yet) read myself. But when it is highly ranked/recommended I will provide you with the information, so you can decide yourself if it is something you want to read or not.
The main goal of this page is to provide you, my sunflowers, with exceptional good books in many different styles. What all these good books have in common, is that you can learn from them.
Now you can learn from every book (well, most times you can, sometimes just a tiny little 😉 ). It does not have to be a five-step course; you can make life changing decisions after reading a novel.
Or reading Pooh Bear, or Horton hears a Who!

You just have to be in the right mind setting, whenever you decide to pick up a book to learn from it.

And I know, my sunflowers, you will be in the right mind setting! Because when you choose to sit down and read a book, you will be aware. Aware of your reading moment. So you create already a good mind setting, and some fabulous ‘me-time’.
Have fun.

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