Can anyone be successful in a failing world?

Successful in a failing world?

Successful in a failing world?

The other day I went to a seminar about ‘Leadership’. It was a very entertaining speech, the speaker was a journalist and he wrote a few books on the rise & fall of big companies and banks.
He questioned the forms of leadership we are use to. And in the middle of his speech, he said something that woke me up a bit.
‘No one can be successful in a failing world.’
Off course this was said in an economic context.
I totally agreed with the speaker that you cannot be really successful as an entrepreneur, when you do not care about your environment, or the people you work with, if you ignore the consequences of your economic actions so to speak.

We keep on reading the consequences of bad leadership in the papers, and on the internet. Burning sweatshops in Bangalore, bankrupt countries in Europe, big companies not paying taxes, pollution, exploitation….and why? Only to make money. To be a financial success.
It seems to be the only thing that counts nowadays, gain money.
To me, being rich, scraping for money, is NOT the definition of being successful. Not in economic way, and certainly not in a personal way.
So today I started thinking on a little bit different question; ‘Can anyone be successful in a failing world?’
And in my opinion, in my own ‘little world’ I have to say YES. If we all keep trying to be better persons, more understanding to each other, more loving, more sharing, I am convinced we are successful in this world. And when we all start realizing this, we will take our good intentions with us to work, and our view on economic success will change. We want to be loving and caring persons for others, ourselves and our environment. And then we start making money in a more civilized way. A more realistic way. Maybe a little less money then we are used to…but certainly in a more healthy way.
Believe me, I know, my income has gone from fairly high, to almost nothing. But my life has become so much more enriched since Mr. Happy & I made some brutal life changing decisions.
Life is about spending time with loved ones, doing things you really want to do and feeling good doing them. Life is about sharing wisdom with others, sharing fun and food, love and peace.
This is what’s making me happy. It will make you happy too.

As always with love,

Mrs. Happy