Why are we greedy in the presence of abundance?

Abundance in a Turkish buffet restaurant

Abundance in a Turkish buffet restaurant

Last week I went to a Turkish buffet restaurant. It was a nice restaurant, tables inside and outside and the sun was shining, so Mr. Happy and I sat outside.
As soon the buffet opened a bunch of people hurried in. And started queuing up. From where we were seated we had a good look at the buffet and the queue.
Now here is what puzzled me. Why go to a Turkish restaurant, with lovely Turkish food, such as olives, green salads, tomatoes, green peppers, filled capsicum, eggplant salad, couscous, hummus and lovely Turkish bread…and then stand in line for the baked potatoes, pizza slices and hamburgers?

And even more… why are we so greedy in the presence of abundance? People came out with their plates filled with grease, pizza, fries, and burgers, piled up to enormous heights. When it is so easy to walk again, if you feel the need to have another serving. The desserts and ice-cream were gone in a second. Salads and healthy food remained at the buffet. Mr. Happy, who loves healthy food and never had a pizza slice in his life, went over to the manager to ask him why the restaurant also served fast-food.
The answer was shockingly simple… ’otherwise the restaurant would have almost no customers’. Healthy, lovely food is not enough to attract lots of people.
Mr. Happy & I enjoyed our very tasty Turkish food and had a long discussion on the question.. ‘why are people greedy in the presence of abundance?’
We had a nice dinner and a good conversation. I cannot give you the answer on the question, but I would like to ask you to think about this question: ‘why are people greedy in the presence of abundance?’. If it is in a buffet restaurant, why do we put so much food on one plate, as if we were afraid there is not enough?

When it is about money, why is it we never seem to have enough, and even when we do, we want more. And even when we cannot spend it all ourselves, we will not give it away…why is that?
Why we insist on thinking, even believing, we are not enough, when the truth is we are enough!
Why we keep on thinking there is not enough love, peace and understanding in this world, when there is enough for everyone…you only have to feel it, see it and accept it.
My message to you is… feel the abundance in your life, feel it in your hart, embrace it, love it, and then the most important thing… SHARE IT!

Always with love,

Mrs. Happy